43 High Ridge Road, Stamford
CT 06905
| Phone : (203) 961-1400 Fax : (203) 961-0564
Bulls Head Diner (Stamford)
43 High Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06905
(203) 961-1400
(203) 961-0564

We appreciate your business!!! As our most valued customer, help us know what we are doing Good and where we can do Better.
Hi All, Wonderful diner morning, noon, or night. Food is above average. The staff is ok. I go to diners in Stamford regularly... this ranks up there as one of the better ones. Its attractive feature is that its 24hr/7 days a week. Sundays are very crowded and after 2 am. Good place..up there with the Lakeside diner....but much better hours and more seating available. I go here much and will continue to do so when there is that diner need. MSZ
Mitch s.
Love this place. From breakfast to wraps it's all delicious. Excellent service. Have gone at least every other week. Highly recommend.
George K.
Who doesn't like going to diners every once in a while? Most diners have quite extensive menus with a lot of different food options. Since the food is mostly so basic and traditional, it's pretty darn hard for a diner to prepare 1-star or 2-star food. The food at BHD was standard fare at a diner: decent and filling. Most of the times I go to a diner, I have breakfast so it's not surprising that's what I had at BHD. The prices of the meals are quite recession-friendly. My ample breakfast dish was cheap even compared to other diner prices. And, as for the space itself, the seats were fine and it was pretty darn clean. Also, the waitress who tended on our table was fine. Overall, if I happen to be in Stamford again and am in the mood for breakfast, I wouldn't mind going back to BHD.
Justin P.
Ah, memories of late night post-high school event dining at Bulls Head... Between the greasy but awesome waffle fries, the hardcore mozz. sticks... the mediocre but exactly what you'd expect brekkies... the french onion soup... It's diner food at it's almost-best, and it's home. I always enjoy a good "diner with juke box" experience myself, and these babies were rarely broken. How can you go wrong when you've got fries with a side of Sting??
Chelsea M.
Been for lunch a few times. Clean setting, friendly staff. Food is decent but no more. Stick with simple items and you'll be ok.
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